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Matt, Los Angeles, USA
The funny exercises loosens u up dramatically. 

Highly recommend a friend to take this course it's a life changer.

Not anxious any more: couldnt even go to a store without being nervous I was over conscious about shit I don't need to focus on.
Getting more comfortable being myself being more effective in using my energy to connect with ppl. I feel my real self is coming back to life
Paresh S, London, UK
I really enjoyed the fact that Ryan pushed us and reframed our beliefs so that we don't let fear stand in our way in the future. 

I would definitely recommend this bootcamp to a friend who is looking to break through their mental constraints on what they think is possible. 

I do feel changed as far as my mindsets and beliefs about what women will respond positively to.
Aasheesh P, New York, USA
Ian, London, UK
Steven, London, UK
Alex N, London, UK
Having tried indirect cold approach for some time, I have several issues with indirect game and its application. Personally, the MM and derivatives apply to limiting situations. [Ryan's method] appealed to me because it’s fun, uses honesty as a strategy and the approach can be applied to any daytime situation

One the first day, Ryan sat with me for two hours and discussed my limiting beliefs. Destroyed them. Figured out what my training needs were then tailored his teaching to my needs. 

My expectation of the course in retrospect was pretty small. I thought tackling my approach anxiety, learning to approach and start conversations would take two days. 

I number closed my second approach! That was just crazy. 

I had girls I wouldn’t dream of approaching the day before, stunned and blushing

Ryan had to teach me how to calm girls down because of the impact I was having. That’s how a rock star must feel?

By the second day I could open groups (including mixed), mother and daughter, girls on the phone, standing outside or even working in shops. All the situations you are most likely to be in.

In addition to approaching, I was given advise on threading conversations, texts, dates, online dating and relationship advise.

Further to this, I received advice on tailoring, health, and wealth. I was even shown a few hang out spots to take girls when I’m working in London. Basically, everything I would ever need.

The course was ALLOT of fun and by far exceeded my expectations. Ryan is the best trainer I’ve met and a top bloke, he will do everything he can to help.

If you think the cost of the bootcamp is too high. Think of the cash you spend on clothes, bars and clubs. If you do a bootcamp, you won’t need to spend all that cash on these places to meet women. You’ll be meeting them all the time, it’s an investment. Stop being indirect! Save your cash for something that works! And don’t be a pussy!
Stephen F, London, UK
“Ryan is like a steamroller, pushing new stuff into your head and forcing the old stuff out. He definitely communicated stuff effectively. Ryan's persistence was also the thing that got me a quick coffee-date with the most beautiful girl I've ever been out with

I probably could've gotten laid even, if I'd had the balls to go totally honest with the girl. But I'll work on it next time!

I definitely got my money's worth and will most definitely be recommending this to friends. I feel like I'm capable of going for the women I want now. ”
"I enjoyed the course a lot, and I wish I could hang out with Ryan more than just 1 weekend. My favorite part of the course were the social freedom exercises...

Ryan communicated the material very well. I would absolutely recommend the course to a friend, and I will do so in the future. 

I believe the course helped me to get over most of the fear I had in approaching women, and people in general."
Thanks for awesome time! 

I really enjoyed hanging out with the instructors Ryan and Lee and also Ajay the student. If I find friends who are interested in improving in this area I will definitely recommend doing this training.

All in all, I had great time and released a lot of anxiety with the exercises!
Samu L, Finland
By looking at my goals before the bootcamp and now, I can honestly say that it exceeded my expectations.

It was really an amazing weekend.
Laban, Sweden
It was an amazing experience. Ryan was a great instructor and he helped me through a lot of obsticals. My favorite part of the course was how the infield training was structured

I told a girl she has an amazing ass and she loved it! I had never been that forward before. I ended up pulling a girl to my hotel room that night as well. 

The bootcamp will destroy your approach anxiety... I would definitely recommend this to people. 

I asked two girls out today, and one is flirting with me over text now. None of the indirect bullshit and lingering around… I made my intentions clear and got a clear answer. That's awesome! 
Mohammad H, London
I think in terms of freeing yourself and growing as a man the course is invaluable. Once you do some of the goofy shit, getting rejected by a girl is pretty much nothing. Moreover, you learn that nobody really gives a shit about what you do so... feel free to do whatever! 

Part of the fun of the whole thing is meeting the other dudes so you can form yourself a support structure and have people to push you to stay on top of your skills. Really, I just wish it lasted longer. There is so much stuff to absorb but almost all of it has a reason for being included and is worth mastering. 

Either way, the course is definitely worth doing regardless of your abilities with women. There is something for every guy to learn here. It's a fantastic experience that really changes your perspective on a lot of things.
Italo S, London
I really enjoyed the course, not just for the indifference to approach women but for the massive change in mindset

Originally the idea of hitting on women felt somehow wrong. Now I realize and experienced I'm not trying to take something from them or doing something wrong, in fact I'm doing something right by giving them a honest complement and making them feel good about themselves.

I'm giving them a gift as it were and this has changed the whole concept of approaching into something fun where I feel good for doing so no matter the outcome. If I get a number that's great, if not that's also great as I've made another human being feel good about themself and that's what's important.
Luke T, London, UK
I think the information and experiences which I got out of this boot camp will have an extremely positive impact on my future overall life and I would absolutely do it again.

The thing that helped me the most, was the part where Ryan gave me a microphone and listened to my conversations, because he recognized mistakes I made over and over again and could give me specific tips to stop doing them. 

I absolutely have no fear and approach everybody... I am much more ahead now and I got the tools to go on effectively. 

I would absolutely recommend it to a friend, because this is stuff that really helps you and gets you to accomplish this area of your life and ENJOY YOURSELF. Now back in my "normal" life I realize more and more that I tend to do stuff that I think is funny and enjoy myself more. 

I am really happy that I took this step and it was totally worth the money and the effort. I will take over the world! :D
Lukas P, Austria
“I got pretty much exactly what I wanted. The progression to approaching girls was quick and seemless and took all the pressure off.

The material was communicated effectively and resonated a lot with me. I would definitely recommend it.

...the basic daygame approach that I couldn't get myself to do four months ago, even though I pushed myself very hard, I have now done ten times in the past week, and it was easy."
Torbjørn S, Norway
Literally I’ve had double the amount of girls and quadruple the amount of sex in the last 5/6 weeks then I’ve had 7 years previous to the 2 day bootcamp. Thank you! Highly recommended!
John M, Reading, UK
I feel like my life has shifted into a new level. I can go out and approach anyone and my life is a blast. I also interact with so many more people around town – I love making people feel good and having fun with them. 

I would have paid a good whack more than I did, you can’t put a price on what he teaches.
H.L., London
Very satisfied with the course! The amount of infield training with feedback was the best part and is definitely what helped me the most. The course is very practical as the more you put into the course, the more you get out of it, which sets you up well for afterwards. 

I would recommend the course because its a no bullshit approach, not all theory but actual infield approaches with small enough groups to get specific feedback specifically for you. Overall it was hugely fun and I've felt a change which will help in many other areas. Recommended!
Sam L, London, UK
Overall, GREAT bootcamp! Absolutely worth the price. Solid guy, great fun, no bullshit and straight to the point.

I would definitely recommend this bootcamp, amongst many other things, for the the combination of awesome knowledge and down-to-earth teaching style!
Titziano, Italy
We think this was excellent value and would recommend it to anyone who wants to move forward in the game.

If you think having fun should be an important part of meeting women, there is no comparison. Thank you!
Sven, Sweden
I enjoyed the whole thing. It was everything I expected and more. My favorite part was basically making some random girls day by approaching her.

Everyone was great and told you exactly where you need to improve and they pushed me every step of the way. 

I would recommend this to a friend, I mean I got laid the day after the course

I feel I changed dramatically, I can approach any girl that I feel attracted too now. When I approach them I can do it competently and I'm trying to see if there is a connection. 

I also enjoy the whole process when I'm doing it, it doesn't seem like a interview or a checklist. If I keep up with this stuff I believe I will never be waiting too long for some female comfort. That's fucking awesome! What else could I ask for?
James M, London, UK
Lorcan, Ireland
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